Calvin Larson could be considered a true renaissance man in the visual arts with experience in multiple mediums. His range includes painting, drawing - technical and creative, photography, print making, tiffany style glass work, pottery, and sculpture - both additive and subtractive. He has also known for extensive home remodeling, landscaping, and interior design for both restaurants and homes.

Although Calvin has a passion for each medium, his focus for the last several years has been to explore life’s dichotomies using acrylic on canvas. While working with life drawing, he created his own interpretive style. In order to explore these contrasts and to translate the human form onto canvas, he uses just the tube of paint to create his sharp geometric lines and shapes which he then juxtapose to lyrical form, created only with a sponge. Deeper contrast is accentuated with his vivid palette.  In addition to several commissions, his work has been shown and sold in galleries and restaurants.

Calvin holds a BA in Arts Education as well as a BA in Psychology. As an arts educator he has designed and implemented programs for schools and mental health facilities. He believes that the “student” should be at the center of the educational experience, thus maximizing their own explorations of learning and creativity, thereby cultivating a positive self image. He also believes that life is interdisciplinary. These truths can be realized as students participate in group activities which can widen the students perspective on tolerances, as well as their reality around them: their school, their community, and their world. Calvin feels a natural resonance with the educational philosophy of Aesthetic Education and is a teaching artist in the Visual Arts with the McCallum Theatre Institute in Palm Desert, CA. The following images explores all that embodies his unique style: dichotomy, energy, and emotion.

Key West 2016

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Inception; Twisting Figure in Blue.

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