Art Principles:

- Pattern
- Rhythm / Movement
- Scale / Proportion
- Balance
- Unity
- Emphasis

Art Elements:

- Line
- Shape / Form
- Color
- Value
- Space / Perspective

Art Elements:
Art elements are the building blocks of visual art. They are a "visual alphabet" where an artist can choose what elements they might want to include in their art work.

Art Principles:
Art Principles refer to HOW the art elements are arranged. How the art elements are organized by the artist.


Subtractive Color Mixing (Pigment Mixtures)
In subtractive color mixing, each substance in a mixture absorbs or subtracts wavelengths from the incident light.

Color Theory

Additive Color (Light Mixtures)
Additive color mixing explains how the eye interprets light wavelengths in the perception of color.

Color Wheel

Kandinsky's Color Theory